What Should Hip-Hop Do With DJ Akademiks?

LL Cool J DJ Akademiks

Hip-Hop must have a reckoning if we are to defend the culture against cultural insurrectionists.

Breaking News: LL Cool J Blasts DJ Akademiks For Calling Hip-Hop Pioneers Dusty.

Does DJ Akademiks actually DJ? I’ve always asked myself that. I have not once in all of this time seen him do any DJing, parties, scratching or anything else related to the elements of Hip-Hop. He toys around with rapping sometimes. For the most part, all I’ve ever seen him do was run his mouth. He’s been able to amass a certain amount of notoriety and fame for running his mouth. But as far as contributing to the culture of Hip-Hop, I have seen very little contribution.

If clout chasing and stirring up the pot is contributing to the culture, then maybe he has locked down. At any rate, he fixed his mouth to call Hip-Hop pioneers dusty and broke. First of all, he might not be broke, but oh boy definitely looks dusty. Also, why was it necessary for him to take a shot at Hip-Hop pioneers, when he is actually someone that claims to be in Hip-Hop?

Somehow or another this got to the goat himself, LL Cool J. And LL was livid. You could see it in his face. He was really upset that this beneficiary of our culture decided to call the pioneers what he called them – broke and dusty. What’s crazy to me is that those people literally pave the way for this guy to even exist. He’s already proven that he has very little to offer outside of video games and talking trash.

LL Cool J Calls Out DJ Akademiks For Calling Hip-Hop Pioneers “Dusty”

I actually expect him to say some sort of apology, because LL Cool J let him feel the burn! Anybody that had a battle with LL knows that you don’t want to be on that side of things. You actually wanna be cool with Cool J! Seriously, AK has to know the gravity of the moment as legends of all walks are on his bumper. I really have a tremendous amount of respect for LL because he didn’t have to say anything about this matter, and he certainly didn’t have to exemplify the culture in this moment. But, this actually shows that his Rock The Bells movement is genuine and not just a business venture.

The funny thing is, I saw LL‘s response and commentary first I didn’t even know that AK said something that’s how little I follow him. At any rate, what do we do with somebody like this? Clearly, he’s a part of the community, but has caused some form of calamity from Chicago to the East. He’s aligned with people like Tekashi 69 and others are are out of step with the culture. He seems to wield a command of people are we would not be talking about him right now.

And yet, I continue to wonder what he does.

I also wonder what we are doing. As Hip-Hop continues to grow and become this incredible profit center, it is hard and harder to defend the values we once had. Also, with technology becoming easier and easier to jump in the front of the line with extreme activity. So, if I make a video in praise of the pioneers, I’ll have to go really far to garner a response from a legend like LL. AK is a notable and so he’s able to instantly activate the community, much of which despises him. Not everybody. Some of his recent critics (those offended older gods and goddesses) have been classified as haters, but that is dismissive and an oversimplification.

Hip-Hop must have a reckoning of we are to defend the culture against cultural insurrectionists. I am proud to say that AllHipHop has been supportive of the pioneers and have given them a voice for many years. The truth is: Akademiks was wrong. The pioneers are not dusty. Many of them are prospering. And they have a lot more opportunities than ever before. I know personally some of them that have seen renewed interest from the public as Hip-Hop turns 50 in 2023.

I hope we continue to salute, value and appreciate the contribution that the bold, fierce and powerful men and women that jumpstarted Hip-Hop. They have more than earned our respect.