Timbaland Names His Rap Mount Rushmore, Warns Not To Disrespect Eminem 


Timbaland squeezed in an extra two places on his rap Mount Rushmore, naming six Hip-Hop legends worthy of the accolade.

While Timbaland struggled to name his top 10 rappers of all time, he is sure about which artist’s faces grace the rap Mount Rushmore, but only if he can carve out a couple of additional spots. 

The superproducer joined Brandon Marshall and Chef Danie in the first episode of I AM ATHLETE’s special series called “I Am Hip-Hop.” Timbaland opened the series created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop this year.  

Timbo was asked for his Top. 10 all-time rappers list but left off some of rap’s heaviest hitters. When asked if he found the task impossible, Timbaland instead named his rap Mount Rushmore.  

“Jay-Z is number one for me. Biggie, Jay and Nas are like The Three Musketeers,” he declared. However, although the National Memorial sculpture features four presidential faces, Timbaland needed space for two more legends.  

“And Tupac,” he said before adding,” I would say, if we had to make Mount Rushmore I would have to put five. Because I had to put Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, damn…we gotta put six. Snoop Dogg, let’s not forget, and Eminem.” 

The host pointed out the Detroit icon often gets overlooked, stating, “A lot of people disrespect Eminem though.” Timbaland shot that down immediately.  

“You better not,” he repeated emphatically. “He took Hip-Hop and made a story. It’s what people do with the word ‘Hip-Hop’ and how you interpret it. So, these people that I’m naming changed my life to get me to where I’m today. To make me love music even more.” Check out the clip below and watch the episode at the end of the page.

Timabaland Lists His Rap Mount Rushmore

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Meanwhile, Timbaland has been busy in the studio, reuniting with two former collaborators. His project with Justin Timberlake is ready to go while he and Missy Elliott are back pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop with her first project since The Cookbook in 2005.